How to Mix Vintage and Contemporary Art in Your Home

Is there anything better than a home filled with stunning pieces of art? I mean, pizza is a close second but I stand by the notion that artwork makes a house feel like a home. From vintage to art deco, mid-century and impressionism, I love it all and over the years, I’ve picked up a couple of tips on how to display different art styles in my home in a way that matches my design style to a tee. 


Mixing Art Styles On a Wall

Eclectic gallery walls bring together different styles of art together in a single space for a visually striking focal point in any room. But, they can be super tricky to pull off. If you don’t pay extra attention to the details, the whole wall can end up looking too busy or even take away from the styling in the rest of the space. Luckily, there are easy fixes to avoid just that. 

How to Mix Vintage and Contemporary Art in Your HomeSource: Haus Love


Stick to A Set Color Palette

If you’re looking to mix and match different styles of art, keeping the pieces within the same color family can help pull the look together and make it look completely effortless. I love the idea of a neutral gallery wall with touches of tan, white, black and gold, but you can play around with a set of colors that matches the vibe of the rest of your room. 


Use One Piece as a Bridge Between Art Styles

This tip goes hand-in-hand with what we just talked about when it comes to color palettes. If you’ve just found a piece of vintage art you absolutely can’t live without, why not use it as the base for the rest of your wall? You can use it to pull colors and textures from, or even subject matter. For example, if your vintage piece features a beautiful landscape dotted with wild horses, you could incorporate a modern horse line drawing in your collection to make the two totally different styles look cohesive.

How to Mix Art Styles in Your Home

Source: Fine Little Day

Streamline Your Frames

A beautifully ornate vintage frame is a masterpiece in its own right, there’s no denying that. And while you can pull off a gallery wall of both vintage and modern pieces with elaborate framing, there’s a simpler way to pull your pieces together. Minimal frames let your artwork be the star of the show, not to mention they’re easier to source than vintage frames! Metal, wood, gold—keeping the frame shape simple gives you more room to play around with materials and finishes while still getting a seamless look and feel.

Mixing Art Styles Throughout Your Home

A gallery wall isn’t the only place you can mix and match different art styles for a bold feature. Displaying art throughout your home makes everything feel more intentional, like you’ve given every wall the thought it needed to feel complete. So, don’t be afraid to bring in a variety of art styles, from vintage to ultra modern, to give your home that special touch. Here’s how to do it like a decor pro.

How to Mix Vintage and Contemporary Art in Your HomeSource: Studio McGee

Pair Vintage Art With Modern Furniture and Accessories

Juxtaposition is an interior designer’s secret weapon. I’m obsessed with this vintage-looking landscape in this modern farmhouse bedroom by Studio McGee. And, if you look closely, you’ll see the colors of the painting match those in the area rug—that’s a little callback to my first tip on color palettes for you!

How to Mix Vintage and Contemporary Art in Your HomeSource: Studio McGee

Bring Modern Art Into a Classic Space

On the other hand, if you have a very classically styled space, bringing in some modern flare helps shake things up just the right amount. Again, Studio McGee does this so perfectly with a series of mid-century modern prints adding an unexpected touch to this coastal/lake house inspired bedroom.

So there you have it, my top tips for mixing vintage and contemporary art prints throughout your home. I hope this inspired some of you to tackle a new eclectic feature wall or go thrifting for your next great vintage find!

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