How To Choose the Perfect Art for Your Walls

The Holiday decor is packed away and it’s time to start 2020 with some fresh, inspiring spaces in your home! There is nothing better than starting the new year with a clean slate… freedom to re-style your decor, mix up the pillows, and finally hang some ART. 

Did your palms start to sweat when I said ‘hang some art’? It’s a real thing. It can be SO hard to commit to artwork because it often comes with an investment and we feel tremendous pressure to be 100% in love with it forever. We all know the impact art makes on a space. It can be room-altering.

Okay, now take a deep breath of relief and get ready to have some fun because I am going to help you leave all of those fears at the door and actually be EXCITED about hanging art this month, completely stress and guilt free.


Here are the three things you need to do before choosing art for your home.

1. ESTABLISH YOUR MOOD. Art is that strangely impactful finish to every room and it can do many things to a design like make you feel inspired and adventurous, or serene and relaxed, or cozy and warm, or playful and fun. Knowing the mood you’re hoping to set within a space will heavily dictate what art pieces you want to be looking at. This one is all about your gut. You know the way a piece of art makes you feel when you encounter it. Tune into that feeling and eliminate options that don’t align with your mood.

2. TACKLE ONE SPACE AT A TIME. Try not to get hung up on the entire room as a whole and start by focusing on one area at a time, starting with the biggest or most impactful space first. Often times people will start with the smaller vignettes or narrow walls because they feel easier and less committal, but the last thing you want to do is base your main art pieces around your minor accent pieces. 

Start with your largest area first and decide whether you would like one piece of statement art, a large mirror, a textile, a gallery wall for variety, a pop of color or serene neutrals, etc. Then, have fun adding your accent vignettes from there.

Hint: This is where most people get stuck because they feel stress about making a decision for the most impactful space, BUT it’s not as scary or as permanent as it may seem… which leads me perfectly to my last point.

3. DON'T STRESS - This is not an irreversible decision. However, I understand why it feels that way sometimes. It can be incredibly difficult to find a piece of artwork that you actually love, and when you do find it, it can be expensive!! Which is why I believe so much in the downloadable fine art we provide. It takes the pressure off of needing to marry a piece forever and ever. Your style changes and evolves, and your artwork needs to be able to evolve too. 

Our digital downloads are curated to be timeless and long-loving, but they're also affordable and incredibly easy. You can download and print in literal minutes. Luxury fine art on your walls is about to be an actual thing!!!

Do a little happy dance with your sweat-free palms in the air...2020 is the year you finally hung some art. 


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